Who Is This Guy?

Christopher Perrin.

A Brief Biography

I have been a part of the classical education movement since 1996: first as a headmaster (and Latin teacher) of a classical, Christian school in Pennsylvania and then as a publisher, author and consultant with Classical Academic Press. I have served with the Society of Classical Learning (Vice-Chair), an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting classical, Christian education in the US and abroad. I also serve as the Director of the Alcuin Fellowship, a fellowship of educators committed to the renewal of classical education by means of writing, publishing, training and hosting educator retreats. My love of classical education began in college as a classics minor. I continued to study Latin and Greek through college and graduate school, studying at St. Johns College and Westminster Seminary in California and Philadelphia.  I have a B.A. in history, a M.Div and a Ph.D. (theology/apologetics).

I am the author of An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents. I also wrote the Greek For Children Primer A and the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, and co-wrote the Latin for Children series. You can learn more about all these books here.

Photo of the Perrin FamilyI am married to Christine Perrin, a poet and the Director of Writing at Messiah College. Christine and I have three children and live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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About this Site

In the last 25 years there has been a resurgence in classical education, particularly among Christians. As this movement has grown and branched out it has become increasingly hard for newcomers to understand what has happened, who is who, what is happening and is being planned. This blog and podcast site attempts to acquaint newcomers and veterans with the history of the movement and its leaders, report on current developments and initiatives, present analysis and review, and interview leaders in the movement.

Over the years I have been privileged to meet many excellent administrators, board members, educators and consultants serving in the classical school movement. Many of these colleagues will be interviewed in my podcasts. I hope you enjoy the comments and analysis by me and others on this site and encourage you to join in the conversation.