How would classical education work in eastern countries?

Next week I will be participating in an world mission’s conference that among other things will be exploring how education can serve world missions. Classical education has always morphed and adapted to new, dynamic settings, and it has flourished in the east as well at the west. Historically, it has been anything but static. Still, I am challenged by the question of how we can deploy the curricula, pedagogy and insights of classical education to countries in the east today. I will be exploring this question with some others at the coming conference. Ideas and thoughts are welcome.

Discovery of Deduction in Proofing Stage

We have now finished the design of Discovery of Deduction and are now moving on to the last stage before printing–final proofing. We take our books through two proofs, by two different editors. We are very excited as this book has received a tremendous amount of effort and attention from three different authors, producing a truly excellent formal logic text for upper school students. In my opinion, the brilliance of the book results from a combination of clear, illustrated teaching and practical, relevant (and creative!) application.