Grove City College and Classical Christian Education

I received word today that Grove City College now offers students a minor in Classical Christian Education as well as a minor in Classical Studies.  This is great news.

A student taking the Classical Studies minor  must take 21 credit hours of courses (from several departments) from the following offerings:  Classical and Christian Education, Foundations of Cultural Anthropology, History and Appreciation of Art, Old Testament Literature and History, New Testament Literature and History, Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Introduction to New Testament Greek (I and II), Readings in New Testament Greek (I and II), The Ancient World, Medieval Europe, The Rise of Christianity, Byzantium and Islam, Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World, Elementary Latin (I and II), Intermediate Latin (I and II), Reading Latin, Classical Literature in Translation, Plato and Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas, Classical Political Thought, Theories of Communication, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism.  Ready to go back to college?

A student taking the Classical Christian Education minor will do all the work of the Classical Studies minor plus do a two credit internship at a classical Christian school.  Students can do the internship during the month of January (J-term) or during the month of May.  Already five GCC students are fanning out to CC schools this January for their internships.

This development should warm the hearts of classical school advocates.  Another important college has recognized the growing importance (and size) of the classical Christian school renewal and is now helping  prepare students to teach at classical Christian schools or homeschools.  Naturally CC administrators and educators should take a close look at Grove City and these two new minors.

There is another reason this news warms my heart–that takes the form of a disclaimer:  My oldest daughter is a junior English major at Grove City and by all accounts is receiving a superb education, and will likely become a teacher at CC school.  I have also had the chance to meet and consult with some of the faculty leading these new minors–and have every reason to believe they will serve exceedingly well.  Here is a link to Grove City College where you can explore and learn more about the college: Grove City College Website