Breaking News–

You heard it here first…On Monday Classical Academic Press will officially launch a substantial new website called Headventureland where students can creatively practice their Latin, Spanish, Greek and other subjects by means of vocabulary games (FlashDash), videos and bilingual readers. This site has been over six months in the making and is growing week by week. I encourage you to check out the site and and pass it on to others you think would enjoy it. And BTW the site is completely free.

Classical Education in Iraq

Yes, that right there is a classical school in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. My brother-in-law (a physician) just got back from a trip to Kurdistan where he saw the school and visited with a local church elder who send his son to the The Classical School of the Medes. The school does have several American teachers and local teachers as well. Many Muslim families choose to send their children to this school, despite the fact that the school is overtly Christian, because the academic reputation of the school is so strong. Here is the website of the Classical School of the Medes:

Christian schools with strong academics are generally attractive in Africa, Asia and Latin America, even to non-Christian families. There is a great need for qualified teachers to staff such schools, and the resources to pay for such staff. My brother-in-law reports that the Classical School of the Medes still needs more qualified classical teachers from the U.S. Anyone interested?

Classical Education Worldwide

I very much enjoyed my time at the Transform World 4/14 Window conference. There were 350 of us from 60 nations who gathered to consider how we might reach children around the world aged 4 to 14. I participated in the education track with about 20 educators from several countries. While the task of establishing and strengthening schools from around the world is enormous, we made some significant headway highlighting the big issues, challenges and opportunities that exist in various regions. We started 7 committees to break down the goals we are seeking to achieve. I am leading the School Development Committee which will seek to further clarify the challenges and opportunities each region faces in planting and strengthening Christian schools. I will also participate on a Curriculum Committee that will seek to gather, adapt and deploy curricula to various regions around the world. Those interested in helping…please contact me!

How would classical education work in eastern countries?

Next week I will be participating in an world mission’s conference that among other things will be exploring how education can serve world missions. Classical education has always morphed and adapted to new, dynamic settings, and it has flourished in the east as well at the west. Historically, it has been anything but static. Still, I am challenged by the question of how we can deploy the curricula, pedagogy and insights of classical education to countries in the east today. I will be exploring this question with some others at the coming conference. Ideas and thoughts are welcome.