Yes, that right there is a classical school in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. My brother-in-law (a physician) just got back from a trip to Kurdistan where he saw the school and visited with a local church elder who send his son to the The Classical School of the Medes. The school does have several American teachers and local teachers as well. Many Muslim families choose to send their children to this school, despite the fact that the school is overtly Christian, because the academic reputation of the school is so strong. Here is the website of the Classical School of the Medes:

Christian schools with strong academics are generally attractive in Africa, Asia and Latin America, even to non-Christian families. There is a great need for qualified teachers to staff such schools, and the resources to pay for such staff. My brother-in-law reports that the Classical School of the Medes still needs more qualified classical teachers from the U.S. Anyone interested?

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