Mark Guthrie has been Head of School at Caldwell Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina for seven years.  Caldwell Academy has grown to 800 students under his leadership.  As Mark relates in this interview, acquiring and providing a great education is no quick process–it is more like a marathon than a sprint. Mark knows this figuratively and personally–he trained for and ran his first and last marathon in the year 2000.  He discovered that running a marathon is not an individual endeavor after all–he would not have finished as he did without some surprising help along the way.  In this interview, Mark tells the story of this marathon which not only shaped him, but shaped his vision for classical education at Caldwell Academy.  You can’t miss Mark’s passion for education and his love for students–administrators and teachers will be inspired by Mark’s story and vision.  Simply click the link below to listen to the interview.

Mark Guthrie Interview

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