In the past two years on the speaking circuit, I have given about six different talks on classical education.  Of these six, one of them consistently hits a nerve–the talk entitled “The Lighter Side of Education: How to Relax, Enjoy and Laugh And Still Be A Parent Educator.”  This talk always draws the biggest crowds and the strongest response, and I think it is because most of us pine for levity in our lives that are typically filled with American frenzy.  I recently heard John O’Donahue (in an interview) say that stress is a distorted relationship with time, and no doubt most us struggle to get time right.  In this talk I call forth Chesterton who says a man should take his mission but not himself seriously, and that angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.  For what it is worth, I thought I would post this talk for my readers.  Click the play button below for a listen.




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