Not all that classical educators do is grave, somber and serious.  What we do is important, but that should not make us self-important.  In fact in my book, one mark of a good teacher is that she laughs a lot.  And why not?  The classroom is a funny place.

So anyone who has taught children for any length of time will find a good deal to laugh about.  Here is an episode from my headmaster days that set the entire staff laughing.  Colleen, our first grade teacher came bursting into my office with her hand over mouth, trying unsuccessfully to hold back her loud guffaws. She relayed the following… She had been teaching the class that week about the second coming of Christ during the Bible class.  During that same week, a construction crew was completing a job installing new brick outside and had reached Colleen’s second story classroom window.  Now the construction crew had placed thick, protective plastic over the window and also raised the scaffolding level with the base of the window.  Just a few minutes after discussing the second coming,  a student suddenly pointed to the window and shouted, “Look, it’s Jesus!”  Sure enough, there was man with a long beard striding across the air in front of the second story window.  Another student shouted, “And he’s smoking!”  And indeed he was.

If you have a comic classroom story–let’s hear it.

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