This summer we are launching a new  enterprise–a website called which will offer thoughtful film reviews by high school and college students for high school and college students.  We are presently recruiting interested and talented writers who might want to play a role with  If you or any others you know would like to try your hand at helping start and lead in this new endeavor, please let post and let me know of your interest.  Of course I think students at classical high schools should be well-prepared for this kind of writing! As the site grows and earns revenue we hope to actually pay writers.  At this stage, however it is start-up, volunteer effort…
We will also feature some experienced adult writers who will serve as mentors to younger writers and editors on the site.  The reviews will be oriented to the truth, goodness and beauty found in film, or lack thereof.
All the content on the site at this point is preliminary, “place holder” content so don’t take it too seriously…
Here is a link to the site which is currently under the radar (not indexed with Google):

Your feedback and ideas for improvement are welcomed–

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