The CAP Team has been working hard to release several books this spring and summer. We released God’s Great Covenant Book 2 (the second half of the OT) in May. Now we are about to release the Art of Poetry by Christine Perrin and Song School Greek by Michelle Hahne. Both of these books have been a labor of love, but I can’t tell you how glad we are to send them off. The Art of Poetry is designed for junior high and high school students and introduces students to both the elements of poetry and the formal history of poetry. Song School Greek is patterned after our popular Song School Latin and also contains an album of 30 child-friendly songs that help students to master their Greek vocabulary, chapter by chapter. Song School Greek is designed as friendly introduction to Koine Greek and is targeted at grades 1-3.

Greek for Children is…almost done. 28 of 30 chapters are laid out. We will be proofing the text in the next two weeks and then hopefully sending it to the printer in August.

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