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Teaching Young Birds to Fly...

Where the old initiated, the new merely “conditions.” The old dealt with pupils as grown birds deal with young birds when they teach them to fly. — C. S. Lewis


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Back to School But Not Back to Learn

                Well, most of us are now preparing to resume school in the next few weeks.  Some of you have already started.  Some of you never stopped.  In fact, while formal schooling may have a yearly rhythm with starting...

Why Study Latin? A Latin Response

Bill Carey teaches calculus and Latin...and does computer programming.  Are all these activities related?  As you listen to the full interview I recorded with Bill, I think you will see that they are.  In this clip, listen to Bill give a Latin response to the...

The Great Conversation of… Math

Bill Carey is a Latin educator, math educator (Ad Fontes Academy, VA) and computer programmer (geospatial engineer).  He has always loved both math and Latin, and is one of the few people I know who can relate Latin to computer programming without hesitation.  As a...

The Abolition of Man for Classical Educators

The Abolition of Man--A Review for Classical Educators C. S. Lewis   The Abolition of Man was first published in 1947, just two years after the end of the second World War, after a great deal of abolition indeed.  Lewis’ book, however, is not about man’s...

The Eight Essential Principles of Classical Pedagogy

Here is a seminar featuring some pedagogical training I frequently give to schools and co-ops.  I hope this is helpful to those seeking to learn more about classical education.  In this video I present eight teaching principles that come down to us from the classical...

James K. A. Smith: Worldview Education is Not Enough

I will be posting a series of video clips of an interview on classical education I helped facilitate with author and philosopher James K. A. Smith (Desiring the Kingdom, Imagining the Kingdom).  The audio of this interview was posted over a year ago on this blog--now...

The Scholé Sisters Arrive

                  While at a convention this March, I talked with two homeschooling moms I have known for several years now--having seen them for successive years at this same convention in Ohio.  A year or two ago, they...

How to Teach Latin and Logic–Now on TV

              I have started offering some "webinar" training using Google's live broadcast service (Google Hangouts)--and so far the approach is working fairly well.  Readers of this blog can access this training by following the...

What is Sequestration? Another Reason to Study Latin

Sequestration--The Latin Word De Jour   For the last few months we have been hearing a good bit about the threat of a looming sequestration that both political parties formerly approved but presently fear.  President Obama has just referred to sequestration as a...

The Kitchen Table

The world begins at a kitchen table. No matter what, we must eat to live. / The gifts of earth are brought and prepared, set on the table. So it has been since creation, and it will go on. /We chase chickens or dogs away from it. Babies teethe at the corners. They...

Loving What Must Be Done

Below is a small article I wrote when I served as a classical school headmaster... and following is an audio seminar I often give on this subject of loving what must be done.  I hope it may be of some use to classical educators here and there.  --CP   I am sure...

Joyful Teaching

In the past two years on the speaking circuit, I have given about six different talks on classical education.  Of these six, one of them consistently hits a nerve--the talk entitled "The Lighter Side of Education: How to Relax, Enjoy and Laugh And Still Be A Parent...

Thoughtful Film Reviews By Students for Students

This summer we are launching a new  enterprise--a website called which will offer thoughtful film reviews by high school and college students for high school and college students.  We are presently recruiting interested and talented writers who might...

Grove City College and Classical Christian Education

I received word today that Grove City College now offers students a minor in Classical Christian Education as well as a minor in Classical Studies.  This is great news. A student taking the Classical Studies minor  must take 21 credit hours of courses (from several...

Joe Paterno: The Fall of A Spartan King

Just last week I mentioned Joe Paterno in my blog post responding to Rush Limbaugh's critique of "classical studies." I mentioned Joe because he himself was classically-educated.  There is a chapter in his autobiography entitled "Joe Knows Latin."  He even patterned...

Christopher Perrin, PhD, is the publisher with Classical Academic Press, and a national leader, author, and speaker for the renewal of classical education. He serves as a consultant to classical charter schools, classical Christian schools, schools converting to the classical model, and homeschool co-ops. He is the director of the Alcuin Fellowship, former co-chair of the Society for Classical Learning, and previously served as a classical school headmaster for ten years. Click here to learn more!

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The Liberal Arts Tradition

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The Eight Essential Principles of Classical Pedagogy

Why Study Latin? A Latin Response

James K. A. Smith: Worldview Education is Not Enough

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