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Teaching Young Birds to Fly...

Where the old initiated, the new merely “conditions.” The old dealt with pupils as grown birds deal with young birds when they teach them to fly. — C. S. Lewis


Rush Limbaugh on Classical Studies and Latin

Today (11/1/2011) on his radio program, Rush Limbaugh responded to a woman with a classical studies degree who was complaining (via a sign at a protest) that she could not get a job.  This led Limbaugh to suggest that perhaps she should not have taken a classical...

What is Classical Education? Part III

What is Classical Education? Christopher A. Perrin, M.Div, Ph.D. Most of us have a difficult time defining the word education—it has a wide range of meaning and is used in different ways in different contexts.  Certainly education can be formal (as in a college...

Hallelujah: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has been writing songs for over forty years. He is universally recognized as one of the great song writers of our time, having explored a variety of genres with an almost facile genius. Raised in a Messianic Jewish home, he has always explored religious...

A Review of Waiting for Superman

Waiting for Superman (Paramount Pictures) Christopher A. Perrin It is hard to watch David Guggenheim’s documentary Waiting for Superman without leaning into the screen with anticipation and hope, only to droop with disappointment, yes even despair.  It is the kids...

Four Headmasters Discuss School Discipline

Discipline at a school will pretty much tell the school's tale.  Put another way, show me the discipline approach at school and I will show you the soul of the school.  The way administrators and teachers seek to create and maintain student behavior, attitude and...

An Example of Great Socratic Teaching

As I talk and consult with classical schools and teachers, I am frequently asked what makes for great Socratic teaching.  Good Socratic teaching is an art that is hard to define and takes time to master.  Every Socratic class is a kind of performance or drama, and no...

What is Math Anyway?

I thought many of you would enjoy this brief clip of Latin, physics and math teacher, Bill Carey.  Bill taught Latin, physics and calculus to students at Ad Fontes Academy in Virginia for five years.  He participated in last summer's Lyceum on Math and Science...

What is Classical Education? Part II

My hat is off to my colleague and friend Bob Ingram, headmaster at the Geneva School of Orlando.  He writes the lead article in the recent issue of Geneva’s monthly newsletter, The Courier, and addresses that irritating question of how to define classical Christian...

What is Classical Education? Part I

"Education" is a hard word to define.  Even "Christian" is hard to define.  And certainly "classical" is a tough word.  Put all three of these words together and you have a three-layer cake that is very hard to eat.  I have read a lot of books about education, and...

Learning and Leisure: Developing a School of Schole

We Americans have no trouble being busy. American educators are about the busiest people I know. Classical school administrators are usually frenetic. Teachers work so hard for nine months that they truly do need a summer’s rest. How do classical students fare? Well, they need those three months of summer too.

Classical Education As A Marathon Race: An Interview With Mark Guthrie, Head of School at Caldwell Academy

In this inspiring interview, Mark Guthrie compares classical education to a marathon he ran in 2000. He discovers that no one really runs alone and that education is a race that takes time, support, community and grace. This interview is highly recommended for new administrators and teachers as Mark powerfully captures the heart of classical Christian education by means of his marathon narrative.

This Journalist Understands Classical Education

Let’s face it—it is hard to speak clearly about classical Christian education. I have been studying it, implementing it and writing about it for almost 15 years and I still can become tongue-tied when someone asks me “What is classical Christian education?” I am always brushing up and revising my elevator speech.

That is why the recent article about Covenant Classical School (CCS) in Naperville, Illinois, is so remarkable. CCS is not an established school. It opened its doors barely a month ago with 87 students.

Christopher Perrin, PhD, is the publisher with Classical Academic Press, and a national leader, author, and speaker for the renewal of classical education. He serves as a consultant to classical charter schools, classical Christian schools, schools converting to the classical model, and homeschool co-ops. He is the director of the Alcuin Fellowship, former co-chair of the Society for Classical Learning, and previously served as a classical school headmaster for ten years. Click here to learn more!

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